Creative Writing

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 English Creative Writing is a competency and skill that is very important throughout our lives. We’ll all be required to prepare notes and memos, present papers, draft strategies, and other official papers as part of our future jobs. And at the school level, it could be writing in school magazines, newspapers, blogs, and excelling in the English language as one of your courses. Creative writing also helps with college essays when students are called to narrate their experiences. Creative Writing is and should be our own expression of thoughts, feelings, and emotions rather than just conveying information.

This course is an activity led course to help children put their thoughts together on paper in a structured manner using several techniques. They will see themselves enjoy and improve their writing skills, eventually becoming more confident writers. The workshop will help students develop a positive attitude and liking towards writing. It will help learners get a quantum jump in their creative expression much needed for the 20th-century workforce.

Instructor: Ritu Vaish

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